Volume 3 Issue 6 [Jun 2015]

Title : An Improved Optimal Electricity Distribution Algorithm for Xyz Electricity Distribution Zone

Authors : Peter Ayuba

Title : Q- B Continuous Function In Quad Topological Spaces

Authors : U.D. Tapi1 , Ranu Sharma2

Title : The Trusted Computing Model for Providing Security in Cloud Computing

Authors : Dr. P. Nageshwar, Dr. I Nagaraju, M Anil Kumar

Title : Short Text Clustering; Challenges & Solutions: A Literature Review

Authors : Dr. Tamanna Siddiqui, 1Parvej Aalam2

Title : A Discrete Suscceptible - Infected Epidemic Model

Authors : George Maria Selvam1 , P.Shobana2

Title : Analysis of Primes in Arithmetical Progressions 6n + K Up To A Trillion

Authors : Neeraj Anant Pande

Title : Solution of Boundary Layer Equations for Non-Newtonian Power Law Fluid past Flat Porous Surface

Authors : Dr. B.P. Jadhav

Title : Key Properties Related To Soft Connected Spaces

Authors : 1A.Sreedevi , 2Dr.N.Ravi Shankar

Title : Importance of Mathematical & Statistical Methods in Social Sciences

Authors : 1Robin Kumar, 2Vipan

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Volume 6 Issue 07 July 2018

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DOI : 10.31142/ijmcr

ICV(2016): 57.55

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