Volume 3 Issue 8 [Aug 2015]

Title : Convergence Classes

Authors : 2 , Mohammad Zannon 1 Basma Al-Shutnawi

Title : On Comparative Modelling Of Multiple Linear Regression Model (MLRM) and Binary Logistic Regression Model (BLRM) For Hypertension in Human Body System

Authors : 1 Atanlogun S.K, 2 Aliu A.H, 3 Edwin O.A

Title : Using Bigdata Excaviting to Predict the Future

Authors : G.M.Prabhu1 , Dr. R. Mala2

Title : Spell Measured Cloud Location with Self Destructing Data Structure for Data Secrecy

Authors : V.Rajkumar1 , Dr. R. Mala2

Title : Early Detection Of Autism - An Application Of Fuzzy Graphs

Authors : 1K R Sandeep Narayan, 2M S Sunitha

Title : Almost Strongly b-δ-Continuous Function

Authors : S.Anuradha1 , S.Padmanaban2

Title : Applications Of Lagrange’s Theorem In Group Theory

Authors : Mamidi Sai Akash

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Volume 6 Issue 07 July 2018

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Crossref - DOI / ICV 2016

DOI : 10.31142/ijmcr

ICV(2016): 57.55

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