Volume 4 Issue 5 [May 2016]

Title : On Watermarking Using Arnold and Wavelet Transform

Authors : Dr. Narendra kumar Ramchandra Dasre, Ph. D.

Title : Few Applications of (r*g*)* Closed Sets in Topological Spaces

Authors : N.Meenakumari1 and T.Indira2

Title : Acyclic graph coloring of the star and circular chorametic number

Authors : R. Ganapathy Raman

Title : Complementary Degree Equitable Dominating Sets in Graphs

Authors : 1L. Muthusubramanian, 2S.P. Subbiah and 3V. Swaminathan

Title : Chemical Reacgtion Effects On Unsteady Magneto Hydrodynamic Convctive Flow Through A Porous Medium In The Prasence Of Heat Generation

Authors : J. Girish Kumar

Title : Some Maximality Results for p-Adic, Reducible, Contra-Stochastically Sub-Measurable Functionals

Authors : M. Taheri-Dehkordi

Title : Approach to Solve Multi Objective Linear Fractional Programming Problem (MOLFPP)

Authors : Doke D.M.1 , Dr.V.A.Jadhav2

Title : Analysis Of Explicit Difference Approximate Solution For Time Fractional Soil Moisture Diffusion Equation 

Authors : Bhausaheb R. Sontakke1 , V eena V. Sangvikar2

Title : Energy Efficiency opportunity in Lighting

Authors : Archit Saxena

Title : The Concircular Curvature Tensor on Contact Metric Generalized  -Space Forms

Authors : D. G. Prakasha1, Kakasab Mirji2

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Crossref - DOI / ICV 2016

DOI : 10.31142/ijmcr

ICV(2016): 57.55

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