Volume 4 Issue 11 [Nov 2016]

Title : On Comparative Study of Efficiency of Standardized and Unstandardized Regression Model for the Effect of Climatic Variability on Maize Production in Nigeria. (Forest Region)

Authors : Atanlogun S.K, Edwin O.A, and  Omotosho S.A 


Authors : Ch. Santhi Sundar Raj1, Maddu Santhi2,K. Ramanuja Rao3

Title : An M/G/1 queue with K phases of vacation with state dependent arrival rate

Authors : Kalyanaraman, R.1 and Shanthi, R.

Title : On The Structure Equation F2k+1+F=0

Authors : Lakhan Singh, Shailendra Kumar Gautam

Title : Analysis of Successive Occurrence of Digit 3 in Prime Numbers till 1 Trillion

Authors : Neeraj Anant Pande 1

Title : Degree Equitable Complete Cototal domination number of graph

Authors : *Shigehalli V.S. and **Vijayakumar Patil

Title : Second Hankel Determinant For Bazilevic Function Associated With Extended Multiplier Transformation Operator

Authors : Sunita M. Patil1 And S. M. Khairnar2

Title : Common Fixed Point Theorems in Compact Fuzzy 3-Metric Space Using Implicit Relation

Authors : Kavita Shrivastava

Title : Gaps in Successive Palindromic Primes till 1 Trillion

Authors : Neeraj Anant Pande 

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DOI : 10.31142/ijmcr

ICV(2016): 57.55

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