Title : A Dual Cluster Head Based Routing Selection Algorithm Using Wireless Sensor Network

Authors : A Santha Devi1, Dr. V Vinoba2

DOI : http://dx.doi.org/10.31142/ijmcr/v6i6.01

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The wireless sensor  network is formed by a countless of sensor nodes with communication and computation abilities. The sensor nodes will lose adequacy with the decrease on energy capacity of batteries. Effective reduction and adjusting of energy consumption of various sensor nodes play significant roles in increasing the life cycle of the network and improving the network stability. A dual cluster head based wireless sensor network routing algorithm is proposed aiming at the premature death of the cluster head due to very fast energy consumption and the unbalanced energy consumption of nodes. Firstly, the master cluster heads and the member nodes of the cluster are determined based on the Enhanced routing algorithm. Secondly, the vice cluster head is selected from cluster member nodes according to energy consumed by all the member nodes to complete a process of data transmission, collection and fusion based on the principle of minimum energy consumption. Any member node in the cluster transmits the data to the cluster head near to it. Both the master cluster head and the vice cluster head collect and integrate the data, which effectively reduces and balances the energy consumption of nodes. Based on the simulation results, compared with the enhanced routing algorithm, the algorithm proposed in this research significantly delays the death time of the first node in the wireless sensor network, growing the life cycle of the network

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Volume 6 Issue 07 July 2018

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Crossref - DOI / ICV 2016

DOI : 10.31142/ijmcr

ICV(2016): 57.55

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